What is 'Ancient Grain'?

What is 'Ancient Grain'?

We are delighted to share with you all our newest snack ‘Tandoor Chilli Ancient Grain Chips’

Full of smoky, earthy flavours, authentic spices and made from an ancient grain named ‘Sorghum’ or “Jowar”  - but what exactly is sorghum and what makes an ‘ancient grain’?

‘Ancient grains’ is a term used to describe a category of grains that have had zero to little change to their strains by selective breeding over the milenia. This is as opposed to more common cereals such as corn, rice and modern varieties of wheat, which are the product of thousands of years of selective breeding and mass production. 

Our Ancient Grain chips are made from Sorghum, a type of ancient grain originally from Africa,  it is rich in nutrients and is often described as a ‘super grain’. It is a great source of protein, fibre and contains Vitamins B1, B2, B5 and B6, copper, iron, magnesium and more! It’s also known as a very environmentally-friendly crop because it doesn’t use as many natural resources to grow as other grains. 

To make our Tandoor Chilli Ancient Grain Chips, the sorghum is dried and ground into flour then is combined with chickpea (gram) flour, tapioca starch and split black gram flour. This combination of high quality flours give the chips a wonderful crisp texture and perfect snap!

The warming, authentic tandoor flavours added to the chips is a perfect blend of cumin, coriander, chilli, turmeric, black pepper, fennel, ginger and more!

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