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The Howdah Story


Hello, my name is Falu. My family and I are committed to bringing delicious Indian snacks into your home. My journey began in a small town on the outskirts of Mumbai, where I fell in love with the wholesome and authentic snacks my mother and grandmother would make for my family.


When I moved to the UK from India, I sorely missed the explosive flavours, aromatic spices and wide range of ingredients I had grown accustomed to during my childhood. Howdah was born when my son Akash and I decided to bring a little bit more of these flavours back to the UK.


Together, we recreated a range of savory snacks using traditional spices and locally sourced Indian ingredients.

This back-to-basic approach captures Howdah's philosophy and keeps all of our snacks true to the original recipes.


We hope you enjoy discovering these flavours as much as we have and we are sure we can succeed in bringing a little bit of India to you.



Falu & Akash

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Savoury snacks perfect for sharing

It all begins with real ingredients...

“No child should be deprived of education because of hunger.”



A mid-day school meal is all it takes to help a child eat well and have a better future through education.

We believe in giving back at Howdah, and so we have been working with the Indian NGO Akshay Patra to give school meals to young children from deprived areas in India.

The aim is not only to fight hunger and malnutrition but also to encourage children to go to school.

Howdah has given more than

                50,000 Mid-Day Meals

since the launch of the #Howdah1for1 Initiative

We love to hear your feedback...

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But it doesn't stop there...





See how your purchase makes a difference through our #Howdah1for1 Giving Campaign:



1 Bag of Howdah Snacks = 1 Mid-Day School Meal

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We're so happy to announce Howdah's tasty snacks are now available in selected Morrisons and Asda stores.


Let us know if you want to see us on your local shelf!








1 Bag of Howdah Snacks = 1 Mid-Day School Meal


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Now you can find Howdah snacks in a store close to you !!