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The Howdah Story

My heritage descends from a small town in India. We had few things growing up, but Indian food with all its wondrous, majestical flavors, was the highlight of my youth. A passion shared with family, friends and now you…


Using these precious memories we created Howdah. A unique brand of snacks, using only authentic Indian flavors, spices and recipes, handed down through the generations.


Since launching in 2012, alongside my son Akash, we have taken great pride in our snacks, ensuring each pack is both authentic and delicious. There should be no compromise.


‘The essence of India’ extends far beyond our snack, and is our approach to everything we do. Whether it be in the flavor, ingredients, spices, packaging or events.


I hope you love it, just as we do.







Taste A little bit of India In a bag

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